How To Combat Your Winter Wedding Worries

A faux fur bolero, espresso martinis, dappled light kissing your wedding photos and your first dance by a crackling fireplace. What could be dreamier than a winter wedding at Watsons? You’ll warm right up to a winter wedding after reading how to combat these winter wedding worries.

Will I be able to take good photos?

Yes! You can snap some seriously stunning winter shots that will rival any sun-drenched summer snapshot. The venue looks amazing year round, but the grounds seem a little more lush and the harbour shines a little brighter in the winter months. The light during the winter period is also perfect to capture those picturesque Sydney views. Click here to be inspired by some of our favourite couples.

Our wedding whisperers are clued up on all the scenic backdrops surrounding Watsons, and will help you select a magical spot for your wedding day’s most important moments If you want to get in touch with thm, you can so here.

bride and groom wedding photo at watsons bay
Lara Hotz Photography

What will our guests eat?

A winter wedding is the perfect opportunity for your favourite hearty dishes. Our menu is full of decadent dishes to keep your guests warm in the cooler months. Think 12 hour braised Victorian lamb shoulder, fresh seafood or rolled and stuffed pork belly paired with rosemary and garlic crushed potatoes.  You can even spoil everyone to tiramisu and mascarpone cream, salted caramel mousse and toffee almond praline jam jars.

wedding menu
Gui Jorge Photography

And what drink goes perfectly with a crisp June evening? An espresso martini of course! You can kick start your night with an espresso martini cart, or have them served a little later in the evening after dessert.

Will our guests want to come to a wedding in winter?

Everyone can relate to having your spring and summer calendar almost full up with weddings, birthdays and pre-wedding events before the season has even began. But once the weather cools down, your schedule is suddenly clear. Having a wedding in the winter will have your guests looking forward to the day as soon as the invitations have gone out.

How do you style a winter wedding?

We can picture it now, the crisp blue harbour, twinkling lights of the boats at sea, lashings of loose blooms, candlelight, moody hued accents and the crackling log fire. Our spaces are the perfect blank canvas to create the perfect whimsical wedding day.

view at watsons bay hotel
John Benavente Photography

Will it be too cold?

The great thing about a winter wedding is the freedom to get creative with any wedding theme you want. Winter lends itself to a black tie wedding, with the bride and her maids adorned in fur boleros and clutching bouquets of deep coloured blooms. Whilst men will feel more comfortable in a three piece suit in the winter months.


To book your very own winter wedding and curate your own winter bliss, speak to our weddings team about having your day at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.