Sydney’s Largest Waterside Two-Up Ring

Celebrate ANZAC Day at Watsons Bay!

After paying your respects to the ANZACs join us to celebrate this national day of remembrance in an iconic Australian venue.

It is only legal to play two-up one day of the calendar year on ANZAC Day, so make it epic by placing your bets at Sydney’s largest waterside ring! With coins flipping and bands marching from noon, we’ve prepared the 101 on two-up so you can make the most of your day at Beach Club.

What is Two-Up?

Also known as ‘swy’, two-up is an iconic Aussie game made popular during the First World War among the Australian and New Zealand soldiers. Soldiers played the gambling game on the troop ships, and in trenches. This is the main reason playing two-up has become part of the tradition of remembering our soldiers.

Two-Up slang:

KIP : Piece of wood on which the pennies (coins) are placed for spinning (called “paddle” in some places)
RINGER : Person in charge of the game
SPINNER : Player spinning the coins
COCKATOO : Keeps a lookout for the “Law” aka Police !

How do I Play?

Two-up involves the spinning of two coins in the air and wagering on the result (preferably by waving your cash in the air above your head and yelling out your bet!)
1. The spinner (The person chosen to flip the coins) places two pennies on the kip (the wooden plank with grooves to accommodate the pennies) and tosses them up.
2. The pennies must spin over spinner’s head and must not come in contact with an object whilst in the air
3. The pennies must land in the ‘Ring’, the ‘Ring Keeper’ (In charge of the Two-Up games) shows the results to those taking part.
4. Each round there is a new ‘Spinner’ and new winners!

Come and join us in Beach Club for a punt in this special tradition, with a spectacular atmosphere to match. We are proud to have performances from the NSW Pipe band throughout the day, followed by our resident DJs, ice cold drinks and delicious food and fundraising for Legacy.