Don’t Miss Our Hot Cross Buns With A Twist!

When one thinks of Easter, they generally think of delicious Hot Cross Buns.

Whether you like yours warm and lathered in butter or just as they come, filled with raisins or chocolate chips, there is definitely something enticing about a Hot Cross Bun shared with family on Easter.

Here at Watsons Bay, we’re putting on two special Hot Cross Buns that’ll be sure to treat your tastebuds this Easter Long Weekend! We’ve got one for the adults and one for the kids tummy’s too.


The Jack Rabbit is for our over 18’s who want to treat themselves this Easter. A delicious brioche hot cross bun with poached quince, honeyed carrots and glazed with Jack Daniels (YUM!). We’ve also got one a bit more kid friendly as well – The Peter Rabbit – A brioche hot cross bun with carrots, raisins and a honey glaze.

 Join us in Beach Club and treat yourself to a delicious hot cross bun with a lovely waterfront lunch or dinner.


Here are a few Hot Cross Bun trivial facts to use over the Easter table this long weekend:


1. Some believe if you share a hot cross bun with somebody you will be friends with that person for the following year.


2. Another superstition from this time says that if you baked hot cross buns on Good Friday, they wouldn’t grow mouldy or spoil for an entire year.


3. According to the rhyme, hot cross buns were sold for one a penny or two a penny, which makes you wonder why you would buy one if you could get two for the same price. The reason for this is that you could get one big one for a penny or two small ones for a penny.

Join us for our Easter chocolate filled schedule – with daily egg Hunts, our Sunday AQUA egg hunt on Watsons Bay Beach, visits from the Easter Bunny, a special Bunny Petting Farm, live DJ’s, Banquet Feasts + more.


Check out the full line-up here. We can’t wait to see you all!