Why We Love Gordon’s Pink Gin

This month, Gordon’s Gin is taking over our Beach Club cocktail bar to celebrate the ever-growing success of their Premium Pink Distilled Gin! Gin is one of those timeless spirits that never fails to hit the spot and it’s been gaining impressive momentum amongst the masses in recent years. 


Plastered over social media, the pretty-in-pink trend spearheaded by millennials, has opened a stream of doors for companies to experiment with creative flair and we are just loving it! Gordon’s is one of the many alcohol brands that have jumped on the rosy bandwagon with their remarkably palatable Pink Gin. 


The fruity spin on their classic recipe has a satisfying, bold flavour which makes for a perfect cocktail partner. The masters at Gordon’s have created a fresh balance of raspberries and strawberries, mixed with the subtle tanginess of redcurrant, designed to offer a sweeter and more accessible way to enjoy gin. 


A concoction of fruity notes means the possibilities of garnishes are endless! Our go-to recommendation though is none other than the scrumptious strawberry; this fruity little number brings out the berry tones in the spirit and makes for a invigorating summery drink to spritz up any mood!


Join us in Beach Club this October and get that perfect insta-moment with your very own Pink Gin cocktail or G&T!

A pink gin and tonic in a wine glass with strawberries.