Sassy Cider hits the Bay!

Rosé Cider? Yes Please!

Sassy Cider is hitting the shore of Watsons Bay for our annual Cider Festival and bringing with them an array of unique flavoured ciders!

Sassy Cider is produced in the heart of Normandy in the North of France from orchards located near the exquisite Château de Sassy. These high quality hand-crafted ciders, are made  with recipes passed down from previous generations at the Château. Each of their products are created from a meticulous hand-picked selection of apples and pears from hundred year old trees.

We had the chance to ask Xavier d’Audiffret Pasquier, one part of the creative team behind the brand, and who grew up in Normandy, France, a few questions about the brand and the cider.


Drinking Cider is a rite of passage for the young people of Normandy. What made you decide to cross over from consumer to creator?

It was several things: I was in need of a change and had the desire to create my own enterprise. Alongside that, I had the wish to showcase a speciality from my own region by giving a new lease of life to a forgotten hand-crafted product. I had faith in this product! It has a great history, stemming from a highly recognised French hand-crafted expertise.

Tell us about the process that makes your ciders so unique?

All of our SASSY creations are 100% natural (made only from freshly squeezed hand-picked apples), gluten free with a really good balance. All of our orchards are located near the Château de SASSY. This high quality hand-crafted cider, has a recipe inherited from the cider served historically at the Château based on a meticulous selection of hand-picked apples.

The difference between Sassy and others ciders:

We only use high quality trees ‘Pommier Hautes Tiges’ (which come from Normandy) compared to competitors who might use ‘Pommier Basse Tige’. The trees produce apples only after 8 years whereas the Pommier Basse Tige after 3 years. The aromas are much more complex and developed with the Pommier Haute Tige.

All of the production and bottling is done in Normandy

We put stakes on all of our young trees in order to avoid stress on the roots caused by the wind. It’s a similar process to wine. Doing this, the roots are well established in the soil and the trees can have all the nutrients necessary for good development.

We combine different apple and pear species. Twenty in each Cider and ten in the Pear. Again, like wine, this creates more complex and interesting aromas.

Our terroir is loam and clay soil. Proximity to a forest gives the apple a distinctive acidity (due to the terroir), reduced by the sweetness of the loam and clays plains.

We use a hand-crafted press which presses only 80% of the fruit, we don’t go until the seeds bringing through the best taste of the fruit.

100% pure juice, 100% natural. There is only fruit inside SASSY ciders – with strictly no additives.

What was the inspiration behind your Rosé Cider?

We wanted to create a very elegant, delicate and feminine product. When we discovered the Geneva apple we thought it was worth trying to create a completely new product.

The hero apple in your rose cider is the Geneva Crab Apple? Why did the flavours in this apple appeal to you for a cider?

This apple is a very interesting apple first of all because it has red flesh, which is very rare! Also the taste is very different as it gives an interesting and complex aroma to the product. Subtle at first, becoming fruity, structured and slightly acidic with a lasting finish.

When you aren’t drinking Sassy Cider, what are your favourite cider inspired cocktails or drinks?

Bars are doing fabulous things with cider cocktails across Paris and London at the moment and we’re starting to see the trend coming into Australia. However, when I’m not drinking SASSY I love a red wine, especially a Burgundy.

How do you best enjoy a Sassy Cider?

I enjoy Sassy chilled (around 9°C) and served in a wine glass – it’s better for the effervescence.

Purchase your tickets now and make sure you mark Sun 30th Oct in your diary as a date not to miss in the Bay!