New Year, New Me

The Best New Year’s Resolutions of 2020

It’s the start of a new decade & everyone has already set their resolutions for 2020. A whole 365 days of trying to be the best version of yourself, while also trying to live your best life. So in case you haven’t come up with your 2020 goals yet or you need a little inspiration, we’ve wrangled a list of some of the best & most effective new year’s resolutions.

Drink Less

Let’s not pretend we haven’t all been there. You spend 2 weeks of the holiday break drinking and eating your weight in Christmas leftovers, one day you wake up, and instead of standing up you roll out of bed and think ‘damn, that’s probably enough’. Well guess what, it’s now day 9 of 2020 and we know you’ve already had a few too many wines this year….it’s ok, there is always next year. Is this a good time to point out that $13 Aperol Spritz are $13 in Beach Club until the end of January.

Two Aperol Spritz on a table in a watsons bay hotel room

Join the Gym

Have you been meaning to get back that summer bod you ate into over summer? Us too. It’s time to start the yearly ritual of paying for a gym membership for 9 months that gets used for 3 of them.

Stop Gossiping

This is a hard one. Between MAFS & Bachelor in Paradise starting up again soon, all of the holiday gossip from the Christmas break & how drunk Aunty Susan got at the most recent family event, this isn’t something as  easily achievable. But we can try..

Use Social Media Less

But did we really do it if we didn’t post about it on social media? Maybe forget about this one…


Save Money

Should be easy enough to do right? Save for a house, babies, a family…maybe not as much in this day & age, especially when there is a lot more fun things to spend your money on like wine, eating, festivals, holidays…the list goes on! (Quick finance advice if you want to purchase a house, don’t buy our smashed avo…)

Watsons smashed avocado on toast

Go to Music Events

If you’ve been listening to the R’n’B hit list nonstop since 2015, it may be time to move on. The best place to start is this January long weekend at our Sounds like Summer party.

No matter your resolution, you are always accepted at Watsons with open arms. Come for a healthy meal, a mocktail, or just bask in the sun. 2020 is your year!