How to Cheer Your Bestie Up After a Break Up

It’s a funny time of year; the Christmas and New Year festive season has well and truly concluded, school holidays are over so traffic is a nightmare, and finally, your besties’ summer fling has been active on Facebook and not responded to the 7 messages she has sent him. You say to yourself, what do I do? I simply cannot hear how she thought he was the one after two weeks of dating… We have some fun AF things you can distract her with. And if all else fails, all of the below can be ‘plus drinks’.

For the Seafood Lover – Lunar New Year Fun

Happy Lunar New Year! To celebrate the Year of the Rat, we have a few exquisite seafood additions to the Beach Club menu like Whole Crispy Fried Snapper & XO Pipis with chilli. We’re also introducing Sydney’s most luxe seafood platter, locally sourced with the best produce from Australia and internationally, this is one for the seafood fanatics. Including mud crab, sea urchin, honey bugs, scarlet prawns and scampi, this three tier work of art will be the center of all celebrations! Drown the sorrows in seafood…

Watsons Luxe Seafood Platter

For the Cheese Lover – Picnic at Watsons Bay with a Killa View

You know what, cheese, quince and wine is truly a winning combination. With plenty of reserves and parks in Watsons Bay, bring a picnic, pick a spot and enjoy the view and the company.


For the Luxe Lover – Aperol Suite for the Real Broken Gal

We know what you’re thinking, does she really need the Suite? When you book the Grand Harbour Terrace Suite on select dates, you’ll receive a goodie bag worth $700 from our friends from Aperol Spritz! Free Essay! Huzzah! There’s treats from Country Road, Aceloogy, Pared Sunglasses, Moroccan Oil and lots more. You get to have a staycation 15 minutes from the city while feeling like your miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Inclusions in the Spritz Suite

So you know what to do; take care of her, give her plenty of pats and shoulder to cry on, and before you know it, she’ll be doing the same for you, you know, unless you’re in a stable relationship. In that case, disregard and just be a good friend.

Warning: Adding drinks to the above may result in crying, laughing, shameless flirting with a bar tender. No single people were hurt in the writing of this blog.

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