How to be Healthy and Social this Summer!

A guide to living your best life & maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most common struggles we all have, is being able to “live our best lives” over summer & also maintain a healthy-ish lifestyle while doing it. Seems impossible right? Well it’s not! We have curated a guide to maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still socialising with your friends this summer.

EAT – Seafood

A perfect staple over summertime – fresh, flavourful, perfect for anytime of the day & full of nutrients! One of our favourites – Salmon Poke, is completely on trend, healthy & delicious, found in Watsons Bay Beach Club. For something a little heartier, Park House offers a flavourful Baked Whole Fish of the day with verde, burnt lemon & miso hollandaise. Not by the ocean? Check out some of the fresh options at The Morrison in the CBD – our favourites are their famous Oysters, Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche, Crispy Skinned Ocean Trout & Baked Market Fish. This venue is well-known for their impeccable seafood offering, and is great for those city slickers who want an after work fresh, healthy & scrumptious meal.

salmon poke with ginger at watsons bay

DRINK – Fresh Botanicals & low sugar spirits

If you are a big wine drinker, and love to have a couple of glasses during the week and a bottle on the weekend, switch it out for an organic red wine & limit yourself to only a few glasses a week. Hopefully that will get you your vino fix as well as get some antioxidants into you!

For those who love sweet wines and sugary cocktails, switch them out for something a little more refreshing – we suggest Smirnoff Infusion Cocktails, available in Beach Club. These summer drinks are on point with being low calorie & low sugar – as well as match perfectly with your fresh seafood diet.

There is the passionfruit & lime infusion or the cucumber, lime & mint both paired with their own infused vodka & soda water.

smirnoff infusions range in beach club     

DO – Explore the Bay

Take the leisurely route to Watsons, hop off a few stops earlier, walk along the coast from rose bay, or explore the general area.

Keep your deep fried, carb-heavy foods low & for cheat days, and your vinos organic (as well as working out when you have time) and you will be living your best healthy life in no time!

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A gorgeous day at Watsons Bay