Forget flowers, Florigami is the new ‘it’ gift this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, we’ll be hosting a Florigami Workshop so you and Mum will be able to create beautiful paper floral sculptures together, and you can give the gift of vibrant and fresh-looking flowers that will last.

What is Florigami you ask? Well, this ever-so-pretty skill combines Flowers and Origami, manipulating and sculpting paper into beautiful flowers, where the design and style is totally up to you. Our workshop will be guided by the expert owner from Blissful Paper Flowers, who will be able to teach you the tips and tricks to make a paper flower which is truly reminiscent to a real one.

This art form has definitely begun trending, becoming extremely popular at weddings, for room décor and as gifts to mark a special occasion.

3 types of flowers florigami

We spoke to the founder of Blissful Paper Flowers to help get our creative juices flowing in anticipation for Mother’s Day.

Q: How did Blissful Papers become a business and when?

A: Blissful Paper Flowers was created due to curiosity and by following a passion and desire of learning a new skill and craft. Essentially it was by accident, however due to self-education, practice and hard work, a hobby grew into something much more magical and the business was launched. I created my first flower in October 2017 and my business formed in early 2018 when I launched my Etsy shop and social media.

Q: What is your favourite flower to re-create?

A: My favourite flower is my small rose, it is approx the size of the palm of my hand and reminds me of fluffy clouds.

Q: What is the correct paper to use?

A: There are different papers you can use, it depends on what you are aiming to create. Papers used can be matte paper, shimmer, metallic, glitter, mirror paper and board.

Q: Do you see any floral trends for 2019?

A: Yes – Pantone selected Coral as the 2019 colour of the year, so I expect Coral to be used and referenced heavily this year. Coral works incredibly well with other colours and with decor styling, particular at weddings and special events. It has always been a popular colour and I expect its popularity to soar further this year. Another colour that I believe is trendy this year is Rose Gold. I recently had one of my flower sets on Etsy sell out (resulting in back to back orders) due to my using rose gold for my leaves.variety of florigami styles

Make sure you book for the workshop as spaces are limited, and you won’t want to miss out on the unique experience and stunning keepsake that Mum will have forever.