The History of the Aperol Spritz

$13 Aperol Spritzes!

Watsons Bay Aperol

As far as classic cocktails go, an Aperol Spritz is one we all know and love. Semi-sweet and slightly bitter, the mix of Aperol, prosecco, soda water, ice and a slice of orange. A cocktail with a history, this famous drink evokes visions of Italy and never-ending summers.

Italy’s best-selling liquor, Aperol was an instant hit after it launched in 1919. After seven years of hard work crafting a flawless aperitif, brothers Luigi and Silvio Barbieri launched Aperol to massive acclaim.

The easy and fresh nature of the Aperol Spritz initially made it ideal as an aperitif, but the cocktail eventually branched out to be a drink suitable for any occasion. Light and delicious, the Aperol Spritz perfectly accompanies any situation.

Watsons Bay Aperol

Lovers of this cocktail are in luck, Aperol will be serving refreshing Aperol Spritzes for just $13 at Watsons in December. Taking up residence at our custom cocktail bar, Club Aperol is here for an unforgettable summer.

Perfectly pairing with brand new dishes on our summer menu, team Aperol handpicked our Prosciutto E Melone and Caprese Salad with fresh ingredients. Inspired by Italian beachside clubs, Club Aperol brings a touch of Europe to Watsons Bay.

Ideal for post-work drinks, warm Friday nights and Sunday sessions, Aperol Spritz goes down a treat with our amazing waterfront views. Fire up your Instagram, you’ll want to document Club Aperol in all its glory.

Visit Club Aperol at Watsons now for all day $13 cocktails and summer loving.