8 Tips for Insta-Worthy Food Photography

There’s just something so satisfying about taking a killer photo of our food before devouring it. However, getting an insta-worthy, mouthwatering shot that would make Gordon Ramsay cry tears of joy can be a whole lot easier said that done. We’ve put together a little cheat sheet of tips to consider to help you get that hero shot, so you can go back to gobbling up the goods!


Three slider burgers on a wooden paddle and a glass of rose on a table.

1. Get (naturally) lit

Lighting can be the make or break of a beautiful photo! When shooting on a phone, natural light will be your best friend. Tap on different areas of your screen to find the best exposure setting for your shot.



Bowl of vegetables and two sourdough toast next to it.

2. Phone a Friend

If your shot is looking too dark or you want more detail, ask a pal to light the subject with their phone torch. Get groovy with angles – start with your light source beside your subject then move it around until you find that sweet spot!



Flat lay of food dishes together on table.

3. The Power of a Flat Lay

There’s nothing more satisfying than a killer flat lay. Play around with structured, precise layouts and more random, cluttered styles to see what tickles your fancy. Use similar shapes to give structure to your composition and don’t forget to shoot directly above your subject for the best results.



Three salad dishes laid on a textured blue surface.

4. Don’t be afraid of negative space

Utilising negative space in your composition is a great tool to draw focus to the subject your capturing. Experiment with different textures of backgrounds, for example, try laying your subject on different tabletops, chairs or even steps!



chocolate cake with strawberries and yogurt on a blue plate.

5. Use the rainbow

Colour is an important component to consider for any photo. Styling with colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel can make your subject pop and stand out. Whereas sticking to a monochrome scheme, or to colours that sit side by side on the colour wheel, can help you achieve beautiful, understated simplicity.



hands taking food from a buffet

6. Get Handsy

Adding hands in your composition can help bring some life and dimension to your shot. Plus, holding up your food or drink is the easiest way to make the most of that spectacular Watsons Bay beach view!



a bunch of fruit laid flat, all cut at different sections.

7. Consider the cut

A great way to get creative with your food shots is as simple as picking up your knife and giving it a slice! Next time you order a Beach Club burger or sweet treat from our kiosk, try cutting through it to show off the goods inside!



Two seafood platters, one with prawns and one with oysters

8. App City, baby, App-App City

We’re quite lucky, in this technological day and age, to have a smorgasbord of photo-editing apps at our fingertips. The best way to learn is to just get in there and start fiddling around with filters and adjustments. However, be careful not to over-do it – sometimes small, simple tweaks are all you need to take your photo from drab to fab!



So there you have it – our top tips for instagram worthy food photography! Time to get out there and start snapping.