6 Things You Didn’t Know About Rosé

Presented by Strongbow Blossom Rosé Sparkling Cider

Our Rosé Street Festival is fast approaching, so here are a few fun facts before you join us!

On Sunday 27th of October, we are joined by over 20 different wine merchants and brands, to fill the street with PINK! Rosé isn’t just a drink… it’s a way of life. It is so much more than just a beautiful, delicious beverage…it’s a culture. Here are 6 things you didn’t know about Rosé.

A crystal glass of Rosé, a bottle and some accessories

1. The colour of the Rosé indicates the style…not the quality
It is very common to assume that the less colour the better quality, just like with white wine, the more yellow, the less appealing…we’ve all been there! However, this isn’t correct. The lighter the pink, the lighter style & body, which means darker rosé has more body & sometimes tannin.

2. A nice dry Rosé
When you hear the term dry rosé it means you are getting a fresher & more acidic drop, rather than a sweeter rosé. The majority of dry rosé will come from Europe.

3. Rosé isn’t just a Wine anymore!
Strongbow Blossom Rosé Cider were at our Rosé Street Fest last year and they’re back again this year inspired by the beauty & elegance of apple blossoms. A new refreshing twist on a rosé!

A bottle of Rosé Cider with some summer essentials

4. The best food pairing for Rosé Cider
Light, fruity & bubbly. Pair this drink with a delicious cheese board or our Antipasto Misti

5. Food Pairing Hack
Any rosé is great with spicy food! Think paprika, Mediterranean style dishes, chilli, olives & capers. The heat will amplify the wine’s fruitiness & will taste delicious!

6. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie own a winery in France
Yes, that is right! You yourself can taste the rosé love child of recently divorced Brangelina. They have a very well-known rosé called Mirval, from Cotes de Provence, that is way more successful than their relationship!

Now that you are basically a self-taught sommelier, you are ready to strut your way into cloud wine & taste some very delicious rosé! There will be great food, live music, games & much more.

Watsons Bay Rosé Street Festival is on Sunday the 27th of October from 11am! Get your tickets now before the busy day!

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