5 Reasons To Have A Straw-Free Summer

“What’s Planet B?” 

It’s a good question that we all as a society need to think about constantly. We see video after video, article after article, about the damaging impact our plastic consumption has on the world, and where it’s likely to lead us. The solution to our waste crisis is as simple as making small changes to help reduce the amount of plastic we’re pumping through our oceans and environment. 


So what’s the best first step? Simple: sip, don’t suck! Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is proud to be a plastic-straw free venue — here’s 5 reasons why you should say NO to plastic straws and have a Straw-Free Summer! 


A birds eye view of a hand holding a negroni cocktail.


1. They Contain Toxic Materials
Research has found that a big chunk of straw manufacturers still use materials that are potentially toxic or carcinogenic. The main culprit is a plastic called polypropylene; this type of plastic derived from petroleum and is used to make majority of single-use plastic straws. When exposed to UV light, heat or the acidity of some beverages, this material can release compounds into your drink potentially disrupting hormone levels. 


2. Increased Gas & Bloating
Similar to chewing gum, drinking from a straw leads to increased amounts of air pockets finding their way into your digestive track. More air bubbles = uncomfortable gas and potential bloating, which no one wants. Plus, thousands of people end up in hospital each year due to straw-related injuries.


3. You Can Get Wrinkles
It may seem far-fetched, but hear us out. Regular use of straws can contribute to developing those deep-set “pucker lines” around the mouth that many smokers experience. Want to keep that face lookin’ youthful? Ditch the straws.


4. Bad For the Environment
This one is kind of a no-brainer but nevertheless, needs to be listed. It isn’t news that plastic is bad for the planet, but did you know that plastic can remain in the environment for over 2000 years? Yep, those 15 minutes it takes you to finish your drink equals two thousand years for the earth to break it down.


5. Harmful To Our Oceans
Straws are amongst the top ten items found on beach cleanups. Remember that viral video of the turtle with a straw stuck up its nose from a few years ago? Almost 33-million views later and there are still sea creatures that go through that trauma and pain everyday. Aquatic animals also confuse tiny bits of plastic as food, attempt to eat it and choke. Scientists and environmental experts have predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans that fish by weight — summer swims won’t be as dreamy as they are today.


Two females holding cocktail glasses up in a cheers with a beach background.


It’s estimated that Australia goes through a whopping 10 million straws each day. The great news is, a number of global companies have pledged to phase out single-use plastic straws by 2020. Starbucks is one company amongst the list, as well as all McDonalds chains across Australia, and many other pubs and restaurants are following suit too! 


So next time you order a drink, forget the plastic straw and sip, don’t suck. If you can’t stand the idea of drinking without a straw, then check out these 15 places to buy reusable straws.