16 Awesome Parent & Child Halloween Costumes

The bats are out and it’s time to get spooky! Dressing up is the most exciting part of Halloween (second only to the prospect of free candy) and there’s nothing our little monsters love more that their parents joining in with the fun and festivities. We’ve put together some family costume ideas that are sure to make them go wild with excitement — whether you love to go all out or prefer to fly under the radar with simplicity, we’ve got something for every family!


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The Addams Family 

Embrace the doom and gloom with this iconic gang.

Family dressed in an Addams Family costume

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Monkey and Banana

Go bananas for this dynamic duo.

Family dressed in a monkey and banana costume

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101 Dalmations 

Drape some fur and grab a marker to spot-up the pup (just make sure it’s not permanent)!

A mother and kid dressed in a halloween costume of Cruella DeVille and a Dalmatian

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Finding Nemo

This little fishy knows how to Halloween!

Family dressed in a Finding Nemo costume

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Zombie and Nurse

The prefect combination of cute and spooky.

Family dressed in an Nurse and Zombie costume

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Alice in Wonderland 

Tweedledum and Tweedledee make for great new pet names.

Family dressed in an Alice In Wonderland costume

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Scooby Doo 

Don’t forget the Scooby snacks!

Family dressed in a Scooby Doo costume

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Cops and Robbers

They won’t get far with law enforcement as intimidating as this little dude!

Family dressed in a cops and robbers costume

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Waynes World

The kids may not get it, but you’ll definitely get a high five from the other parents.

Family dressed in a Waynes World costume

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Where’s Wally 

Stripes are the new black.

Family dressed in a Where's Wally costume

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Cat in the Hat 

All you need is a stripy hat, a red shirt, a printer and Google images.

Family dressed in a Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 costume

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Winnie the Pooh

Turn back time to your childhood with this classic cartoon.

Family dressed in a Winnie the Pooh costume

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Can we get a W-O-W for the effort of this family?

Family dressed in an Aladdin costume

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Not the gumdrop buttons!

Family dressed in a Shrek costume

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The Incredibles 

Super costumes for a super family.

Family dressed in a 'The Incredibles Superheros' costume

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Catwoman, Batman and Robin 

Name a more terrific trio!

Family dressed in a Catwoman, batman and robin costume

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