Winter Wedding Design by Paperlust

Plans for the perfect wedding!

Inspired by wintry weddings at Watsons Bay, Paperlust have designed a bespoke invitation suite to inspire your wedding styling.

Winter beach weddings are chic and on-trend, with more brides choosing to have their big day at the beach minus the summer heat and the crowds of people hitting the surf. In winter the sun is low in the sky, the ocean is misty, the sunsets are dreamy and nightime sets in early so you can kick off the celebrations sooner. There are extra benefits to booking a wedding in winter as it is an off-peak season. Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel offer a Winter Wedding special overflowing with complimentary add-ons and value savings.

Winter weddings open up a whole styling palette to play with. Eich options like cool blue-based colours, evergreens and winter blooming flowers, and warm textures like velvet and fur.

To celebrate the season, we’ve collaborated with Paperlust to create a complete invitation suite inspired by Watsons Bay wintry weddings. From your save the dates through to your thank you cards, every element is designed to reflect both the season and the venue for the ultimate Sydney winter aesthetic.

Wedding stationery has the unique role of tying your wedding together from beginning to end. Save the dates are the first piece of communication guests receive about the wedding, while thank you cards are the last, and there are all sorts of cards in between. This is true on the day, too. You might change rooms, outfits, decor, and other things throughout the course of the day, but stationery usually has a role at all stages, from orders of service and signs to menus and place cards.

First impressions count, and both save the dates and wedding invitations are all about giving people their first impression of your wedding. These cards give guests a sneak peek of what is to come, sets up the vibe and gets everyone excited for the big day. The cards also are an opportunity to establish the theme and level of formality so people know what to expect.

Wedding invitations, thank you cards, and other pieces of stationery are also the most commonly kept mementos of the day (and not just by you! Family and friends often hold on to wedding invitations for years). They should be so intricately related to the day as a whole that looking at them years down the line will bring back a rush of memories. This means that wedding stationery plays a very unique role in telling the story of your wedding from beginning to end. It has to encapsulate the spirit of your day in its design.

What better way to tie your wedding stationery to your wedding than by matching it to the venue? Your choice of venue creates the character of the day. It is a part of every moment (and every photo!). It creates the mood and defines the experience like nothing else. The aesthetic of the venue is fundamental the aesthetic of the wedding.

At Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, we’re all about a clean, crisp luxury aesthetic inspired by the beach with tropical Hamptons elements. This aesthetic carries through our accommodation, menus, culture and ambiance. Paperlust’s invitation suite was designed with the same style in mind.

Designer, Amelia, explains: “We built the designs on a grid structure and used lots of crisp lines, then chose a combination of script and clean sans serif typefaces. These choices were made to match the branding and feel of Watsons Bay. We chose a mix of white and dark blue to evoke both the beach and a wintry, almost Nordic feel. Then, we incorporated the palm tree logo into the design to make it even more beachy, and completely bespoke. We printed with silver foiling to give a unique texture that is visually striking. The set is beachy and wintry goodness that looks like it truly belongs on our Top Deck or in The Sunset Room.”

Planning an event and looking for a bespoke stationary suite? Paperlust are offering our readers 10% off with the code WATSONSBAY. Visit their website and get creative!