Style Sessions with Ivylane Collective

Insider styling tips for your wedding are always necessary

We collaborated with Ivylane Collective on our Autumn Style Session. Elyza Bowe, owner & head floral designer, created beautiful styled spaces and table settings in our Sunset Room and sat down with us about styling budgets, creating wedding vibes and more.

candles and acrylic table numbers

Maximum Impact on a Budget

Costs can add up quickly when planning a wedding, so we asked Elyza where the best place to spend budget is, that will make the most impact? Quick answer; use dried elements and materials to stretch designs and compliment them. More ‘big picture’; if you speak to your creative team about your budget and must haves, they can put something together that’s realistic and beautiful. ‘Sometimes it’s better to focus on key areas rather than try to stretch the budget across everything you would love.’

corals and whites against rustic table setting

Wedding Vibes: How do you create them?

Lighting. ‘It’s one of the most important elements to a wedding.’ Elyza explains that the set up can be dreamy and romantic with amazing florals and styling, but if the lighting doesn’t deliver, the vibe you wanted may not be captured or appreciated to its full potential.

‘I can’t decide on the colour palette. Help’

Again, talking to your styling team can really help on this one. Think about all the elements on your wedding day…‘Things like the venue’s styling, dress colouring, your bridesmaids skin tones and hair colours.’ Your styling and creative team will be able to look at these elements and help you choose a colour palette that will be beautiful.

white flowers with gold table setting

What’s the coolest statement piece you’ve created?

‘The giant dance floor install I did at Ivy Ballroom; a beautiful round ring suspended above them with draping material and florals.’

wooden table with white and pink styling

The number 1 tip for getting the most of your stylist.

‘Give them creative freedom. Most of my best work has come from the couple putting their trust in me and letting me interpret their style and personalities to create the dream blooms.’

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