Pimms No. 1 Apple Spice

What better way to end the week (or start it for that matter) than with a refreshing glass of Pimm’s!

For those of you who aren’t as familiar with Pimm’s, we’re here to help educate. Pimm’s is an alcoholic beverage that originated in London, created by a dude with the last name Pimm. When it first launched, Pimm’s had a different number associated with it (Pimm’s 1, Pimm’s 2 etc.) and they each had a different base spirit. Number 1, which is gin based, was by far the most popular and is the only one that still exists. Just as an FYI number 2 was scotch based and no. 3 was brandy based – so many fun Pimm’s facts.

What makes it so unique though are the spices and citrus notes that are added to the base spirit. This gives it the signature floral taste and bright red colour we all know and love!

With a base this good, there are so many different ways it can be made. A classic Pimm’s is often served with lemonade, fresh fruit, cucumber and mint leaves (we have a great classic Pimm’s on offer at Beach Club) but it can be mixed so many different ways. The choices are endless!

One of our favourites, classic aside, is Pimms No. 1 Apple Spice. It is mixed with cloudy apple juice and sweetened with fresh orange and a touch of sugar. Served martini-style. It’s fruity and refreshing – perfect on a warm autumn night.

For those of you who are keen to try it (we assume that’s all of you), we’ve shared our Apple Spice recipe. Your next “pres” or home cocktail night sorted!

For the Pimms fans out there that prefer their cocktails prepared behind a bar, come and visit us before April 16… Pimms has taken over Beach Club’s cocktail bar where you can get a glass for $10 or a carafe for $22!

Pimms No.1 Apple Spice


45ml Pimms No.1
45ml Cloudy Apple Juice
2 Orange Wedges
10ml Sugar Syrup


Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into glassware
Serve in a martini glass

Makes 1 Standard Drink