Art, Nudity and Wine

Draw a naked body, have a glass of wine, and let your art juices flowing...

Our first Life Drawing and Liquor event last month was so successful, we have another lined up on Tuesday, 28th August.

What’s life drawing you say? It’s the art of drawing the naked body to improve your drawing skills, creativity and start to think outside the box. Life drawing encourages you to draw what you see, not what you think you should be seeing.


the wine and watercolour event at our sister venue, park house


The class is led by Rachel Carrol, who tells us she was born into an artistic family so exposure to the art world led her on this path, although she has only been teaching for the last 5 years from the previous 20 years of painting and drawing!

We asked her what she loved most about teaching art. She told us that:

“Teaching art is essentially teaching people how to see better and really notice the details. I often hear from my students after drawing or painting people,  they start to  notice more in everyday life, they notice the various tones more or lines in nature. It is in the details of life where little observations make everything more interesting.”

Rachel started these wine and art lessons at our sister venue Park House, in Mona Vale as the venue wanted to create homely, community vibe; “It was to activate and energise a space and bring people together.” The event went so well, we wanted to bring it to Watsons Bay!

Join us for our life drawing class coupled with wine!

Thinking about coming to Life Drawing and Liquor? Not sure if art is really your thing?  Rachel gave us this advice…it’s a new challenge! “Life drawing is chess for the brain, and it is an excellent exercise for practising the power of now. Life seems to slip away and nothing else matters but the page and model in front of you and the charcoal in your hand.”

Also…there’s a glass of wine included in the ticket!

Take the (life drawing) plunge.