Celebrate National Margarita Day At Watsons Bay

Sip Tequila by the bay for all of February

Si, amigos, we have all been there and we all have amazing memories thanks to the beautiful nectar of Blue Agave.

The Mexican elixir, which can be enjoyed however you like, is a distilled beverage made from the sugar found in the Blue Agave plant. It defies the desert heat to mature into a giant, spiky succulent – a very succulent succulent, we’d say – after eight years. Yes, believe it or not, it takes at least 8 years for the most popular Mexican juice to be made but in moments it can make your day that much better. Adentro!

There are 5 different types of tequila on the market, each one with its very own characteristics and taste: Silver (or blanco), Joven (or gold/dorado), Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo; and they all should be tried.

So that’s it. Call Paloma, head down to Watsons, enjoy our beautiful (Tequila) Sunrise, and don’t forget to celebrate National Margarita Day in the proper way! During the whole month of February, our friends from Herradura are taking over our cocktail bar and bringing great deals to our guests, while we serve up some tequila-based cocktails.


Salud, amigos. Nos vemos pronto!