Dad’s Stuff take Watsons Bay

A few weeks ago, Dad’s Stuff set off for a weekend away at our boutique hotel, treating themselves to a luxe staycation filled with good food, cocktails, beautiful sunsets and sleep ins (sans being woken by the kids at the crack of dawn).

“Sometimes all you need as parents is a little break from the kids”, writes Dad’s Stuff. There are times when a parent staycation is exactly what the doctor ordered, “when a booty call isn’t your child asking you to come and wipe them in the bathroom”! Amen to that.

Photo of Mr and Mrs Dads Stuff relaxing in their hotel room
Photo credit: Dad’s Stuff

Given the rarity of having a moment of peace and quiet, Dad’s Stuff were determined to make their time away from home special. And that they did!

So, how did they spend their time with us?

Dad’s Stuff arrived in the middle of a rainstorm… You know what that means – a killer sunset AND a rainbow over the harbour! It’s all a matter of perspective, right? Their first observation after being greeted with open arms at reception, was the beautiful scent of our Watsons Bay branded candles. They were very excited to find out they were for sale, too!

Photo of rainbow over the harbour
Photo credit: Dad’s Stuff

They then went up to their room, the Grand Harbour Suite, and were mesmerised by the dazzling view. Their visit was during Vivid, making for an even more spectacular harbour and a very “lit” CBD. “We were treated to one of Australia’s, if not the World’s, greatest views”, they said.

View of vivid from Grand Harbour Suite
Photo credit: Dad’s Stuff

Amazing views aside, Dad’s Stuff were equally impressed with the attention to detail and little extras offered in their hotel suite. “They’ve thought of everything, with ear plus for those light sleepers and dental and shaving packs for those who may have forgotten a few of the essentials”.

Dad’s Stuff were then ready to hit Beach Club for some delicious cocktails and a good feed. It’s a rare thing for parents to be able to fully relax whilst at dinner, not having to keep an ear and eye open at all times to see what mischief the little ones are getting up to. They couldn’t help but start for one of our famous seafood dishes – freshly shucked oysters. “Because seriously, you’re sitting on the edge of the ocean, what else would you start with?”, they rightly said! This was followed by our fish pie and pub steak – two great choices.

Seafood platter with oysters, lobster and sauces styled on blue table

Other highlights from our venue?

“One of the greatest things about the hotel’s location is exactly that, it’s location”, writes Dad’s Stuff. They had an appreciation for the fact it is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city that you can fully get into relaxation mode, but close enough that you can dash home should you need to check in on the kiddies. They also loved the beautiful walks around the headlands and gorgeous beaches right on our doorstep.

Sunsetting over Watsons Bay Beach

After a stroll around the Bay, Dad’s Stuff started their day by enjoying our continental buffet breakfast (included in the room rate might we add!). It has everything from cereals, yoghurt, fresh fruit, pastries, eggs, ham and even a pancake making machine!

And the agenda for the day? Time to explore the bay even further, taking one of vintage bikes out for a spin! We offer Picnic Packages where guests can load up one of our bikes with an antipasto platter for two and a bottle of wine (and don’t worry we provide a map with suggested routes to take!). It’s an ideal date if you ask us.

Vintage bike at the entrance to WBBH
Photo credit: Dad’s Stuff

“In summary, Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is not only a great destination for a family lunch, or a summer beer with friends, it’s one of Sydney’s great spots for a night away from home. A chance to recharge, a chance to be romantic with your partner, or, if your body clock allows, a SLEEP IN!”, writes Dad’s Stuff.

Thanks for joining us Dad’s Stuff, for what sounds like the ultimate Parents Staycation!