5 Questions with 5 Seeds // Watsons Bay Cider Festival

The annual Watsons Bay Cider Festival is back for its third consecutive year, and we’re very excited to have 5Seeds back on board!


A wonderfully refreshing cider with flavoursome apple characteristics coming through in both the aroma and flavour – 5 Seeds has become one of Australia’s favourite ciders for obvious reasons!

watsons bay cider festival

Here are 5 Questions with 5 Seeds!


5 Seeds Cider is the perfect brew to sip at a summer party. What 5 tracks goes perfectly with 5 Seeds Ciders?  

You Were Right, Rufus – it’s our soundtrack!

Crave You, Flight Facilities

Steal My Sunshine, Len

Pure Imagination, Just a Gent

Fight for Your Right, Beastie Boys


Cider based cocktails have soared in popularity in the past few years – what makes cider such a great additional to cocktails?   

The natural sweetness of cider means you can make delicious cocktails with not too much effort – simply pour 5 Seeds cider into a glass with ice, add a dash of your favourite mixer (we like cranberry juice for a bit of tartness) and garnish with some bright fruit or mint.  Such a simple way to add a refreshingly different twist to your cider.

To make things even easier, one of the newest editions to the range is Night Orchard – cider with a dash of vodka, so all the hard work is done for you!


5 Seeds launched in 2009 – Tell us more about the philosophy behind 5 Seeds Ciders 

We like to look at things in a different way, and that goes right to the core of who we are as a brand.  If you cut an apple from a different angle, horizontally through the middle, you’ll find five seeds – the very ones we’re named after!  It’s our philosophy that when you look at things a different way, you open yourself up to new possibilities. It’s how we’ve achieved refreshingly different ciders since 2009.


What flavor profile does using orchard apples in your cider bring?

Our apples provide a diverse range of flavours from tart and crisp to medium sweet ciders that won’t overpower.  5 Seeds Crisp Apple cider is an easy drinking favourite that brings a rich apple flavor and is perfect for summer barbecues.  Whereas if you’re looking for something a little sweeter, 5 Seeds Bright uses Gala Apples for a natural sweetness.


5 things that go hand in hand with drinking a 5 Seeds Cider?

Good times; Good mates; Great tunes; Sunshine; Balmy evenings.


Day or night, summer or winter, there is simply no wrong way to enjoy a 5 Seeds cider. 

5 seeds cider