The Watsons Bay Sausage

You know you’ve become a landmark venue when you have your own bespoke sausage. The Australia Day Lamb Merguez Sausage has been made in collaboration with Haverick Meats and our very own Executive Chef, John Pye. The snag is made from succulent lamb and has an earthy, spicy flavour. We will be sizzling up our namesake sausage at our epic BBQ in Beach Club this Australia Day so get in early to grab a table and one of these limited edition beauties.

Can’t make it to the Bay? The Watsons Bay Sausage will be sold exclusively through the Haverick Meats┬áSaturday Store on Jan 25th. Whether you are at Beach Club or at home it is a must try this Australia Day!

Haverick Meats Tips on how to cook the perfect sausage on the BBQ

1. Remove sausages from the fridge and allow to come down to room temperature.
2. If linked, be sure to cut the sausage links before cooking
3. Do not pierce the sausages. Piercing releases the moisture and will leave them dry.
4. Cook your sausages over a moderate heat. This will help to avoid the sausage burning or bursting and will enhance the flavour.
5. Turn the sausages regularly to ensure that they do not burn on one side
6. Be sure to cook your sausages right through to the centre.



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