Get Spooky this Halloween at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Halloween is right around the corner and we can feel the spooky vibes in the air!

Halloween watsons bay

In honor of the eeriest date in the calendar, here are some of our favourite facts about Halloween!

Halloween was originally thought to have originated in Ireland, Halloween was originally a Celtic festival called Samhain, and a day where spirits of the dead roamed the earth. People would dress in costume and leave ‘treats’ out on their doorstop for the roaming spirits.

Legends say that if you spot a spider on Halloween night, it is the spirit of a loved one watching over you.

American towns Salem, Massachusetts and Anoka, Minnesota are both self-proclaimed Halloween capitals of the world!

Pumpkin carving, once upon a time, was turnip carving! The term Jack O Lantern came from a Celtic folk tale where a stingy farmer named Jack would play regular tricks on the devil. His punishment was to wander the earth, banned from Heaven and Hell, with only a lump of coal to guide his way which he placed inside a carved turnip.

Here’s one to try on Halloween – if you turn your clothes inside out and walk backwards on Halloween, you’ll see a witch at midnight!

watsons bay face painting

Join us on Monday, 31st of October – we’ve got FREE face painting + kids fish & chips* in Beach Club PLUS grab our local trick or treat map to get your candy fix!

Happy Halloween!

5 Questions with 5 Seeds // Watsons Bay Cider Festival

The annual Watsons Bay Cider Festival is back for its third consecutive year, and we’re very excited to have 5Seeds back on board!

A wonderfully refreshing cider with flavoursome apple characteristics coming through in both the aroma and flavour – 5 Seeds has become one of Australia’s favourite ciders for obvious reasons!

watsons bay cider festival

Here are 5 Questions with 5 Seeds!

5 Seeds Cider is the perfect brew to sip at a summer party. What 5 tracks goes perfectly with 5 Seeds Ciders?  

You Were Right, Rufus – it’s our soundtrack!

Crave You, Flight Facilities

Steal My Sunshine, Len

Pure Imagination, Just a Gent

Fight for Your Right, Beastie Boys

Cider based cocktails have soared in popularity in the past few years – what makes cider such a great additional to cocktails?   

The natural sweetness of cider means you can make delicious cocktails with not too much effort – simply pour 5 Seeds cider into a glass with ice, add a dash of your favourite mixer (we like cranberry juice for a bit of tartness) and garnish with some bright fruit or mint.  Such a simple way to add a refreshingly different twist to your cider.

To make things even easier, one of the newest editions to the range is Night Orchard – cider with a dash of vodka, so all the hard work is done for you!

5 Seeds launched in 2009 – Tell us more about the philosophy behind 5 Seeds Ciders 

We like to look at things in a different way, and that goes right to the core of who we are as a brand.  If you cut an apple from a different angle, horizontally through the middle, you’ll find five seeds – the very ones we’re named after!  It’s our philosophy that when you look at things a different way, you open yourself up to new possibilities. It’s how we’ve achieved refreshingly different ciders since 2009.

What flavor profile does using orchard apples in your cider bring?

Our apples provide a diverse range of flavours from tart and crisp to medium sweet ciders that won’t overpower.  5 Seeds Crisp Apple cider is an easy drinking favourite that brings a rich apple flavor and is perfect for summer barbecues.  Whereas if you’re looking for something a little sweeter, 5 Seeds Bright uses Gala Apples for a natural sweetness.

5 things that go hand in hand with drinking a 5 Seeds Cider?

Good times; Good mates; Great tunes; Sunshine; Balmy evenings.

Day or night, summer or winter, there is simply no wrong way to enjoy a 5 Seeds cider. 

Pre-purchase your tasting tokens now and join us on Sunday 30th Oct!

5 seeds cider

Why You Should Watch The Race At Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel!

While we may have sold out of seats for our Grand Feast and Beach Buffet, there is still plenty of action to be had with us on Melbourne Cup Day!

Here’s just a few reasons to join the fun of Melbourne Cup Day!

melbourne cup watsons bay

The Race

It should go without saying, but the race is what we’re all here for! Join us at the venue, in Beach Club, the Sunset Room or the Sports Bar from 3pm. You can catch the race that stops the nation from one of 10 screens around the venue.

The After Party

No matter if you’ve only just arrived, or if you’ve been with us from the beginning, our Melbourne Cup after party will keep your feet moving well past the sunset! Live DJ’s will be on from 4pm to keep the good times flowing; we recommend a pair of shoes that will last the distance!

Stay The Night

Joining us from interstate, or just want to leave the car at home? There is limited space available at the hotel, so be sure to jump in quick and ask about our available rooms. Back it all up with a silky smooth Toby’s Estate Coffee and the Watsons Big Breakfast to get you moving in the morning.

Keep Tuesday 1st Nov free and join us to watch the race that stops the nation!

Sassy Cider hits the Bay!

Rosé Cider? Yes Please!

Sassy Cider is hitting the shore of Watsons Bay for our annual Cider Festival and bringing with them an array of unique flavoured ciders!

Sassy Cider is produced in the heart of Normandy in the North of France from orchards located near the exquisite Château de Sassy. These high quality hand-crafted ciders, are made  with recipes passed down from previous generations at the Château. Each of their products are created from a meticulous hand-picked selection of apples and pears from hundred year old trees.

We had the chance to ask Xavier d’Audiffret Pasquier, one part of the creative team behind the brand, and who grew up in Normandy, France, a few questions about the brand and the cider.


Drinking Cider is a rite of passage for the young people of Normandy. What made you decide to cross over from consumer to creator?

It was several things: I was in need of a change and had the desire to create my own enterprise. Alongside that, I had the wish to showcase a speciality from my own region by giving a new lease of life to a forgotten hand-crafted product. I had faith in this product! It has a great history, stemming from a highly recognised French hand-crafted expertise.

Tell us about the process that makes your ciders so unique?

All of our SASSY creations are 100% natural (made only from freshly squeezed hand-picked apples), gluten free with a really good balance. All of our orchards are located near the Château de SASSY. This high quality hand-crafted cider, has a recipe inherited from the cider served historically at the Château based on a meticulous selection of hand-picked apples.

The difference between Sassy and others ciders:

We only use high quality trees ‘Pommier Hautes Tiges’ (which come from Normandy) compared to competitors who might use ‘Pommier Basse Tige’. The trees produce apples only after 8 years whereas the Pommier Basse Tige after 3 years. The aromas are much more complex and developed with the Pommier Haute Tige.

All of the production and bottling is done in Normandy

We put stakes on all of our young trees in order to avoid stress on the roots caused by the wind. It’s a similar process to wine. Doing this, the roots are well established in the soil and the trees can have all the nutrients necessary for good development.

We combine different apple and pear species. Twenty in each Cider and ten in the Pear. Again, like wine, this creates more complex and interesting aromas.

Our terroir is loam and clay soil. Proximity to a forest gives the apple a distinctive acidity (due to the terroir), reduced by the sweetness of the loam and clays plains.

We use a hand-crafted press which presses only 80% of the fruit, we don’t go until the seeds bringing through the best taste of the fruit.

100% pure juice, 100% natural. There is only fruit inside SASSY ciders – with strictly no additives.

What was the inspiration behind your Rosé Cider?

We wanted to create a very elegant, delicate and feminine product. When we discovered the Geneva apple we thought it was worth trying to create a completely new product.

The hero apple in your rose cider is the Geneva Crab Apple? Why did the flavours in this apple appeal to you for a cider?

This apple is a very interesting apple first of all because it has red flesh, which is very rare! Also the taste is very different as it gives an interesting and complex aroma to the product. Subtle at first, becoming fruity, structured and slightly acidic with a lasting finish.

When you aren’t drinking Sassy Cider, what are your favourite cider inspired cocktails or drinks?

Bars are doing fabulous things with cider cocktails across Paris and London at the moment and we’re starting to see the trend coming into Australia. However, when I’m not drinking SASSY I love a red wine, especially a Burgundy.

How do you best enjoy a Sassy Cider?

I enjoy Sassy chilled (around 9°C) and served in a wine glass – it’s better for the effervescence.

Purchase your tickets now and make sure you mark Sun 30th Oct in your diary as a date not to miss in the Bay!

It’s that time of year again for our annual Cider Festival down by the Bay!

With the Cider Festival fast approaching, Cider is becoming the centre of our world!cider-festival-edm

Last year, 10+ cider brands joined us to host our Watsons Bay Cider Festival. The day was a hit and we’re back to do it all again this year! Our line up is bigger than ever and the weekend is going to be one enjoyed by all!


With a variety of well-known and boutique cider brands to taste, live acoustic music to enjoy, and everyone’s favourite apple bobbing competition sponsored by HelloFresh with prizes to be won – make sure you mark Sun 30th Oct in your diary as a date not to miss in the Bay!

Avoid the queues on the day and pre-purchase your Cider Tasting Package. The ticket includes 15 tokens to use for samples from the cider stalls plus a complimentary bottle of your favourite cider from our pop-up bars. Click here to purchase your Cider Tasting Pack.

watsons bay cider festival

With 13 cider brands on board, from local NSW brewers to international flavours, there is something for all your cidery taste buds. Families and friends alike can indulge in sampling and enjoying well-known and boutique ciders.

Sidra Del Verano

Back for the second consecutive year, Verano will be serving their delicious Spanish Cider at this years festival. Their Cider’s are made with local hand-picked apples, sun ripened, freshly pressed and naturally fermented to create a truly crisp & refreshing Cider.


A wonderfully refreshing cider with flavoursome apple characteristics coming through in both the aroma and flavour. 5 Seeds has become one of Australia’s favourite ciders for obvious reasons! Day or night, summer or winter, there is simply no wrong way to enjoy a 5 Seeds cider.

Sassy Cider

Sassy Cider is produced in the heart of Normandy in the North of France from orchards located near the exquisite Château de Sassy. These high quality hand-crafted ciders, are made with recipes passed down from previous generations at the Château.

Plus more cider brands including Somersby, James Squire Orchard Crush, RekorderligThatchers Gold, Rochdale, Kirin, Bilpin, Endless Cider, Pagan Cider and Australian Brewery!

Cider Brands

Our Executive Chef has designed a menu of street eats specifically designed to compliment the ciders on offer. Enjoy a culinary delight of fresh fare including Pulled Pork Rolls, Sticky BBQ Ribs, Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cob plus our delicious House Made Nutella Donuts!

Have a hassle free, cider filled day and leave the car at home! Parking will be limited, so get the bus 324/325 from Circular Quay or the 380 from Bondi. Take the scenic route and get a ferry from Circular Quay, Rose Bay or Manly to get you safely to and from Watsons Bay!

Purchase your tickets now and make sure you mark Sun 30th Oct in your diary as a date not to miss in the Bay!

Treat yourself to a stay at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Finding somewhere comfortable and stylish to lay your head to rest is no mean feat; Here at Watsons Bay, our boutique accommodation ticks both boxes.

We’ve got plenty of options no matter what reason you’re looking for somewhere to stay!

With 31 rooms available, we’ve got the perfect temporary abode for you!


Weekend Stay-Cay

Whether you’re popping bottles with friends, having some much needed R&R with the family or need somewhere to put up out-of-town relatives, our Watsons Loft Room is perfect. Overlooking the lush, peaceful greens of Robertson Park or residential Watsons Bay, the Watsons View Loft features a King Size Bed downstairs and two twin beds upstairs on the mezzanine.

Our Harbour View Loft Rooms feature the same layout and unparalleled views of the sparkling Sydney Harbour. Perfect view to start the day with!

Romantic Getaway

Ooh-la-la! Looking for somewhere special to take your significant other for a romantic getaway that will make Valentines Day look like a Hallmark occasion? Spoil your lovely lady or gentleman with a weekend away in our Grand Harbour Suite or Grand Harbour Terrace Suite. Enjoy a seafood platter, champagne and decadent desserts in our Beach Club, take in a stunning sunset overlooking the beach or a breathtaking sunrise from your room!

The Work Trip

Joined us from interstate or across the bridge? Dingy motels are a thing of the past – retire from a long day of wheeling, dealing and slaying in comfort. Our Watsons King Room, with King Bed and homely amenities will mean you can recharge like a boss and be ready to do it all over again! Only a 20 min ferry trip to Circular Quay – staying right in the hustle and bustle of the CBD is a thing of the past.

No matter the reason – we can accommodate any group or situation. Book in now and enjoy a stay with us at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.

October Favourites ~ What we’re loving this month!

october watsons bay

As we hurtle toward the end of the year and toward summer at warp speed, we’re loving all that spring has to offer!

Here’s everything we’re loving this October!

Topless Pineapples

You read that right! Topless pineapples are now in season, and we’re loving the first taste of summer fruit. It takes a full 12 months to grow these spiky beauties but good crops mean there is plenty of the mighty ananas available!

Cider Festival

It’s nearly that time of year again! Our third year of Cider Festival sees an action packed day of apple bobbing, live entertainment, Nutella doughnuts, DJ’s and of course – the cider! Purchase a cider tasting ticket and taste your way through our cider stalls, enjoying all the sun-drenched fun that Watsons Bay beach, Robertson Park and our Beach Club has to offer | Purchase your tasting tickets here & don’t miss out on all the fun!

Frozé All Day

 If you happened to miss our Rosé Brunch, fear not! You can still enjoy a delicious frozé in the spring sunshine in Beach Club, they’re on the menu to stay through the warmer months! Served in a wine glass and garnished with fresh strawberries – these are ones not to be missed.

New Menu

With warmer weather, comes a new menu! Our chefs have put together tantalizing new dishes for our summer menu and we’re sure they’re future classics. Fresh seafood and delicious summer fruits and produce such as figs, buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes will be making your taste buds sing this summer.

Bombay Sapphire Gin Garden

This spring, the Bombay Sapphire Gin Garden is taking over Watsons Bay Beach Club every Saturday in celebration of the warmer weather, fresh seafood and the premium gins handpicked botanicals. Enjoy a delicious range of Bombay Sapphire tonic twists and premium Star of Bombay Gin & Tonics, as well as fresh oysters dressed with Bombay Sapphire granita and botanicals. Fresh Oysters + Bombay Sapphire Gin – We can’t think of a better combination on a beautiful sunny afternoon in Beach Club!

watsons bay hotel

Spring Weddings | The Best Time to Say I Do

Here at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, we’re of the opinion that pretty much any day is a nice day for a white wedding, although if you were to ask us for our favourite month we would have to say September.  Why, you ask?

Here’s are our top reasons to say I Do in September!


spring wedding

Spring has Sprung

September bridges the gap between the steamy summer heat and the bitter winds of August, the days get longer and layers slowly start peeling away.

Planning a wedding for spring means you can have your wedding cake and eat it too – the weather strikes the perfect balance for you to rock that bandeaux style wedding dress and worry about shivering in your photos!

The moderate weather also means you and your beau have a world of choice when it comes to deciding the time of your reception and ceremony. Ask about our Lunch Time Reception offer to take full advantage of the September sunshine.

Stop and smell the flowers

Choosing flowers for your bouquets should always lend toward seasonality, and being able to choose from the pops of colour that spring has to offer is an even bigger bonus.

Be sure to look out for;

Sweet Peas, freesias, frangipanis, tulips, amaryllis, flannel flowers + waratahs (go on, be bold!)

September floral offerings strike the perfect balance of more traditional offerings, with the bold and beautiful colours of the new season.

Cocktail Hour

Warmer weather most certainly calls for a cooler drink. Choose from Vodka, Tequila, Gin or Whisky and your guests will be treated to premium spirits served by your own personal bartender for three hours. The perfect option for your guests to be able to enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic as they take in a picturesque sunset over the water.

Ask one of our wedding coordinators more about wedding packages perfect for your September wedding!

Wedding Stylist Interview: Meagan Berkhout x The Style Palette

This September we collaborated with Meagan Berkhout, from The Style Palette, for a Watsons Bay Sunset Style Session.

The Style Palette is a boutique styling studio based in Sydney who work to tell a story, set a mood and create beautiful environments. 

We had the chance to sit down with Meagan and ask her a few questions about herself, her inspiration and her trend predictions for this Spring. 


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in the industry

I am a hopeless romantic at heart. My interest and love for interiors, gardens and architecture, as well as art, antiques and quality craftsmanship all play a vital role and strongly encourage my design process. I like combining a certain modesty with great elegance, because to me this feels timeless.

After a decade of working in the events industry, I established The Style Palette as my own business. I had finally found my niche when I merged my love of interiors and creating beautiful spaces, with all my knowledge and experience from the events industry.

I was styling my way around town, blissfully happy doing what I truly love.

What was your inspiration for this Style Session shoot?

When it comes to any styled wedding shoot, I always like to develop a story because it helps me visualize the couple, and what their wedding day would look like.

The story behind this shoot reflects a stylish, social and fun-loving couple celebrating their wedding day at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.

The happy couple are fashion-forward people, who appreciate design and like to do things in their own unique way.

They spend most of their year chasing summer months and are attracted to the islands off the Caribbean, particularly Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and The Bahamas.

The overall style of the shoot pays tribute to these islands, and is a modern take on the British Colonial style.

Your favourite piece in this shoot?

I absolutely love the Chinoiserie green plates by Jasper Conran from Wedgwood.

The flowers by Poho were also stunning. I decided to go with a larger-scale arrangement for the dining table, which challenges the typical low-lying centerpiece. It plays on scale and creates a sense of grandeur.

What are your trend predictions for Spring?

Cleaner, more considered tables and spaces seem to be more prominent now and are a refreshing change.

I also feel brides are getting more and more courageous with their wedding day palettes.

Why limit yourself to whites and greens, when there is a whole world of colour out there

Where do you look for inspiration for shoots?

Anywhere and everywhere!

Interiors, gardens, architecture and art always inspire me.

Even down to the colour of a shell can sometimes help guide a colour palette!

Check out all the images from the Style Session photo shoot here. 


Vendors involved in the Style Session:

Creative Direction & Styling – The Style Palette / @thestylepalettestudio / 

Photographer – Bear Deer Fox / @beardeerfox / 

Hair & Make Up – Gather & Stitch Beauty / @gatherandstitch_beauty /

Flowers – Poho / @pohoflowers /

Gown – Mira Mandic / @miramandic /

Suit – Woody Roo / @woody_roo / 

Models – @joshbyron @annikahallinan of Bella Management / @bellamanagement/

Diamonds & Fine Jewellery – Bond Street Jewellers / @bondstreetjewellers /

Plates – Jasper Conran for Wedgwood / @wedgwoodau / 

Crystal stemware – Waterford Crystal / @waterfordcrystalaustralia / 

Silver Flatware – Royal Doulton / @royaldoulton /

Calligraphy – Written by Hand / @written_by_hand /

Jump into our Kids Sports Day these School Holidays

These spring school holidays we are all about keeping active, embracing the warmer weather and having fun!

Leap Frog Action Sports and Games will be holding an array of fun activities and games for our Sports Days taking place on both Fridays of the school holidays!

With games and activities including parachute games, all-time favourites including sack races and tug-o-war and a mix of team games, kids will spend the morning buzzing with energy and making new friends!

Book in now and don’t miss out on the fun | Fri 30th Sept + Fri 7th Oct


Be sure to bring a bottle of water, and dress in sports shoes and comfy clothes.

We asked Adele, the owner of Leap Frog Action Sports and Games, why it is important for kids to stay active and how they incorporate this mantra into their Sports Days.

Being active will help build strong bones and muscles, burn energy and develop important gross motor skills. It is also a great way to socialize and make new friends. The key is to make it FUN! Learning and play are always more memorable and successful when fun. We strive to the make each event fun and exciting as children are more likely to continue their active lifestyle later in life if physical activity and sport is fun and enjoyable at a young age.

By combining an array of activities throughout the morning including Earth Ball Games – with their giant 1.8m ball, all-time favourite games  such as relays (egg and spoon, sack, baton running races), Tug-o-war, poison ball and team games such as rob the nest – kids will stay engaged and most importantly have fun!

Spend the morning with Leap Frog and then join us after in Beach Club for $5 Kids meals and face painting